Ophir Mining Company is an environmental steward operating in Alaska.


Our mission has been to explore for and develop mineral resources on Ophir Creek located in the

Iditarod Mining District. Our work over the past ten years has allowed for exploration and

mining using a prototype placer operation. The placer mining has demonstrated a practical

process of GOLD recovery. Residual GOLD has been found in dragline tailing piles that remain

from prior mining along Ophir Creek.


Early investor capital placement fell short of promises made, resulting in limited capital for

development beyond proof of concept and production that could not reach an economic scale.

With restricted travel mandates, the mine was placed on care and maintenance at the end of 2020.


Update 2021:


After having negotiated a lease on our Ophir Creek Mine, our focus is to develop new mining

properties. Our new mining projects show promise to become high value lode GOLD mining



The plan for 2022:


Knowing that in Alaska, many lode GOLD sources remain undiscovered. Ophir Mining Company is

placing a plan into motion. Prospects will be sampled and shallow drill testing completed during

the 2022 mining season.


Check back for more updates!


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